LA PIRAMIDE SRL is a company born in 1990 in the textile district of Prato (Italy) and has distinguished its work during these years with a strong originality and professionalism in knitted fabric production.
The product’s innovations and studies as well as continous tests and research on the market, represent the ongoing business strategy of LA PIRAMIDE SRL. These are the greates strenghts that bring the company to operate on the main international markets.
All this has been made possible thanks to a strong customer care policy both pre and post sales. This customization of the service according to the customers needs, is one of the most appreciated characteristics of the company that has distinguished La Piramide from its competitors on the market. A perfect combination of know how and marketing strategy in order to broaden its horizons to a wider area of the market with a collection which is synonimous of the italian taste and style.

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